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The Courage to Become


The Courage to Become | Week 36 | Confidence Revolution

The Courage to Become | Week 36 | Confidence Revolution

Encouraging people and giving them the tools to be who they most want to be, has been my passion since before I had the language for it.

Yesterday I received an email from a high school classmate,

“…I had my child when I was a freshman in high school. I didn’t know much English but despite my struggles, you made a difference in my life back then, always being so nice to me and just showing me that there’s always somebody that just with a helping hand and a smile can change somebody’s world. That person was you!! Just want to say, thank you.”

I cried when I read it and I’m crying now. (Maybe it’s the hormones.)

So many people have given so much to me, have guided me, and have loved me into who I am today and who I continue to become. It is my HONOR to pay it forward, to give you the love and the tools kind folks have given me.

When I have been afraid and in a tough spot, or confused, it has always helped me to look out and find someone who had been THROUGH and who had come out the other side. It always helped me to see someone living out what I wanted to live out. It helped me get my footing, and work up courage until I could stand on my own two feet.

I’m thinking that seeing and hearing from folks who have garnered, the courage to become people they were proud of, will help you too.

Starting next week I am honored to host a guest blog series titled, The Courage to Become: Sister Stories of Hope. Each week we will highlight one amazing women who walked through the fear and uncertainty and became someone she was proud of.

These women have become: artists, dancers, writers, moms, teachers, entrepreneurs, wives, bloggers, photographers, reporters, and business women.

I am sure that their vulnerability, determination and grit will inspire us all!

If you’d like to get their inspirational stories straight to you inbox – join here.

love and grace, catia 


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