Book Club Membership

Book Club Membership


Book Club Series!

Join your sisters (and me) and we venture into The Courage to Become - TOGETHER! We will cozy up together online once a week and pick each chapter apart. Like minded women can connect - and we can support each other through our journeys. 

I am so excited to walk along side you and create a safe space for sharing, inspiration and HOPE. 

Begins January 2018 and runs through June 2018. 

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    What you will receive:

    • A weekly talk by Catia - taking you through each chapter focus
    • A community of women ready to walk alongside each other through these tough seasons. 
    • Access to a Private Facebook Community Group with direct weekly access to our community. 
    • Special discounts to all products, courses and webinars by Catia. 

    How you will benefit:

    • You will feel more hopeful and joyful knowing you are not alone. 
    • You will apply the tools discussed in the book to your own life and feel more empowered.
    • You will no longer feel lonely or alone. 
    • You will manifest joy and peace in your life. 
    • You will gain a deeper understanding of who you are. 
    • You will communicate with other women in similar seasons. 
    • You will experience HOPE, Sisterhood + Solidarity