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Hey Mama, Remember, You Are Enough| Susie Trigg Tucker

Hey Mama, Remember, You Are Enough| Susie Trigg Tucker

Hey mama, I know your body isn’t the same as it was in your 20’s. It’s changing with age and that bothers you. You don’t have time to work out every day but you make the best effort you can. Sometimes when you see an Instagram account with a mom of three in her sports bra and flat tummy glory, you feel so bad about yourself that you just want to plow through a family size bag of chocolate. Your body is incredible. It was home to your babies. It nourished them once they made their worldly debut. It’s a soft place to cry when they’re hurt. It’s the familiar comfort they want to mold themselves into when they need reassurance. Your waistline, which you feel is too big, is the same waist they love to wrap their little arms around for tiny bear hugs. Your face, fine lines and all, is the last face they want to see before they close their eyes, and the first they want to see when they open them. Hey mama remember, you are beautiful.

Hey mama, after years of being home with your kids, you’re an empty nester while they’re at school now. The days are too quiet and sometimes you don’t know what to do with yourself. Your full time job has always been a mama and now you aren’t sure what you’re meant to do with your extra time. You are selfless. You fill your days with purpose by helping others. You have a servant’s heart and everything you do is for the greater good of others. You are the best listener and those who confide in you feel heard. Hey mama remember, you are a wonderful friend.

Hey mama, you have been through so much. You have suffered loss and experienced deep hurt. Cancer has invaded your body, chemo has taken your hair. But nothing can take your beautiful, kind spirit. You show up day after day for your family. Even though you feel weak and gray many days, you are their sunshine. You are a fighter. You are fierce. Hey mama remember, you are so very strong.

Hey mama, your kids are grown now, but your life doesn’t feel much less hectic than it did when they were younger. Your own parents are aging and the responsibilities they can no longer keep up with fall to you. Sometimes you feel burdened, which spirals into guilt. Still, that never stops you from making time to do it all. Making time to visit, making time for a phone call, and making time to make your family and friends feel special to you. Your faith is strong and you know God will not forsake you, so you keep on keeping on. Hey mama remember, you are faithful.

Hey mama, I know you wish your mind would quiet down sometimes. You feel worried a lot. You’ve seen a lot of hard things and they have impacted you. Your defense to minimize the worry is to stay in control of the variables, but that exhausts you. You love your people hard. You would give them the shirt off your back. You remember birthdays and special occasions and try your best to keep everyone connected. Hey mama remember, you are loyal.

Hey mama, I see you struggling as you approach this new season of life. Your babies aren’t quite babies anymore and you’re not sure how to navigate this uncharted territory. You have the patience of a saint, a heart of pure gold, and you go above and beyond to be kind to everyone. You are a natural born caretaker and teacher and it shows in the way you take care of your family. You have a humble spirit, even though you do it all. Hey mama remember, you are kind.

Hey mama, I see you working yourself to the bone to support your family on your own. Nothing feels like it comes easy and sometimes you lose hope that it ever will. You wish you had someone to come home to at the end of the day, someone to take care of you for once. You don’t always believe in yourself, but you know somehow, some way, you’ll make it work. Sometimes you really surprise yourself at how you manage to pull it all off. You’re the first to show up when your friends need you and the last to ask for help. Hey mama remember, you are loved.

Hey mamas, our job is not easy. The days are long but the years are short. Those days that defeat you and you wonder, am I doing ok? Remember mama, you are amazing, you are enough.

 Essay by: Susie Trigg Tucker


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