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Do People Really Change?

Do People Really Change?

Originally published 5-5-11

At age 8 I was a idealist. I wanted to cure cancer, be the President of the United States and win the lottery. With my lottery winnings I wanted to buy a mansion and purses and give the rest to the less fortunate. At age 8 I wanted to be skinnier and taller and the same remains today. 

Not too much has changed. 

I was idealistic then, and am idealistic now. I had body image issues then, have body image issues now. I wanted money to buy a mansion then, want money to buy a mansion now.

I always knew that my brain was my biggest asset then, and I know that my brain is my biggest asset now.  I love learning, even if it’s just a little, every day. Good looks fade (although I’m not trying to do anything to accelerate that truth), hips get bigger, gravity takes over, but hopefully my brain will only get stronger and better over time.

I wanted to cure cancer then, and do my part to contribute to the fight against cancer now.

In the 20 years since age 8,  I have: been a drum major, graduated high school, college and graduate school, been through heart ache (the kind that’s agonizing and the it’s fun while it lasted kind), managed million dollar companies, learned how to ask for a raise, surfed in Hawaii, tangoed in Argentina, denied Matthew McCounaghey a few dates while he was People’s Sexiest Man Alive, and walked up to Allen Iverson to confess my admiration. I've learned how to pray, prayed in The Vatican, fallen in love with a rescue dog named Beau who I’ve spent enough money on to buy a car—but wouldn't think twice about having it any other way, started taking myself seriously as a writer, learned what I want and don’t want, and yet, my heart lies in the same place.

I think I knew that hand bags and mansions were fun, but all that is good in life lies in helping those around you.

Some credit must go to my folks, I guess!

We can earn accolades, color our hair, move cities, get married, get divorced, change our minds, but it’s important to stay connected with our truth, what we would have written down when you were 8 without pause.

Fill in the blank:

When I grow up I want to:________________________________________________________.

Earning Potential

Earning Potential

Move #9

Move #9