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Earning Potential

Earning Potential

Originally published 5-10-11

I always believed I could earn a living doing something I loved and make $100,000 or even $200,000, but I never believed I could make really big money (it’s all relative), without a man, a partner, or a marriage. I always thought somehow, a man had to be part of the equation, until recently.

Maybe I didn’t believe in myself as much as I could have because as a female growing up in a Mexican culture in South Texas, and although my folks always told me I could do anything I wanted, I witnessed that men made most of the decisions and were bigger players monetarily.

And although I think that’s a pretty sad statement, I know I can’t be the only female out there who thought that, I know I can’t.

Stay with me here, I’m going into reality showville.  

Although a few short years ago Bethenny Frankel was living paycheck to paycheck, she recently she sold her Skinnygirl Cocktails company for an estimated $120 Million dollars.  I realize she had cameras and The Bravo Network to help her along, but if you’re a Bethenny aficionado you’d know that all the stars aligned for her when she was most in touch with her authentic self, and when she was dedicated to working hard for her dream.  And who knows what’s going on when the cameras aren’t around, but the message that her recent success sent me was that I can dream a BIG dream and see it come to fruition without “Mr. Right with the right sized wallet.”

If he comes along, great, but if he doesn’t…I lead a pretty great life. Finding Mr. Right is not my ticket anywhere.

You don’t need to piggy back on anyone else’s piggy bank. Say it again. You don’t need to piggy back on anyone else’s piggy bank.  What a relief that is! You can stop pouring energy into finding someone to depend on for that monetary boost and devote the energy to your passion, your dream, your piggy bank.

But how? 

Set a goal and go after it! I’ll start. This is a big one.

I’d like to:

  • Write a book about a woman’s journey/self discovery/dos and don’ts/how to grow into your most authentic self

  • get published

  • be on The New York Times Best Seller list and

  • impact women around the world.

In the end it’s not about the money, it’s about believing in your own self and your own abilities however big the dream. I think we should encourage, empower and cheer each other on!

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