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Emotional Cutting

Emotional Cutting

Originally published on 3-5-11

Yesterday my therapist asked me the following:

“Catia, Let’s say you were walking with a child and happened to pass the scene of a car accident.  If the child asked you to walk over and look at the accident more closely, what would you say?”

Without hesitation I responded, “I would tell the child that we shouldn’t.  That it would be overwhelming for them, and maybe even traumatizing.  Furthermore, why expose them to so much hurt and negativity when it’s unnecessary?  Why pile it on?”

“What if the child begged, and pleaded, and threw a tantrum?”

I said, “It wouldn’t matter. You have to do what’s best and what’s right.  It’s not about what’s fastest and easiest, it’s about the long term well being of the child.”

“If you wouldn’t want someone you love experiencing that hurt, pain, and sadness, why would you expose yourself to it?”

Epiphany (while sitting in a parking lot- you don’t have to be in glamorous places for epiphanies to occur): I should care for myself they way I would care for my loved ones.

Day 1: Recovering Emotional Cutter

Hi, my name is Catia Hernandez and I am an emotional cutter.

I’m a bona fide emotional cutter.  I purposely put myself in situations, which remind me of things I’m trying to get over and that create a flooding of emotions and anxiety.

·       Weighing myself when I know I’ve eaten too much the day before.

·       Watching romantic comedies after a break up.

·       Facebook stalking exes and their new love interests

·       Listening to Adele’s new songs when I should be listening to Passion Pit’s, Little Secrets.

Yesterday, I was an emotional cutter.  Today, I am a recovering emotional cutter. I am going to stop and not necessarily do what’s impulsive or what feels good at the moment, but what’s best for me in the long run.

One day sans emotional cutting.

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