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Forcing Relationships

Forcing Relationships

Originally published on 1-22-11

It’s 6pm on a Friday night and you have exactly 2 hours to find the perfect outfit.  You scurry from store to store; there are jeans, shiny tops, dresses, so much to choose from but nothing REALLY catches your eye. BUT you REALLY need something!! Panic sets in, tick…tock…tick…tock, ahhhh!!!! You settle on a black dress.  Sure it rides up in the back a little, but overall, a pretty good dress. AND, if it rides up, you can just tug it down, it’ll be fine!

The truth is that it will never fit right; you’ll never really love the dress.  It will never be a keeper.  You blew your hard earned bucks on a garment that in all likelihood will end up at Goodwill.

No matter how big the sale, how cute the outfit, or even who is buying, If it doesn’t fit just right…right now, leave it.  Don’t buy it.  Wait to find something that slips on just right and flatters you in all the right places.  Whatever your height, weight, or fashion preference, there are clothes out there that will accentuate all your fabulous features and make you feel sexy enough to float across the street, Carrie Bradshaw style.

Well, adopting this principle makes shopping for clothes and the right relationship more efficient. 

He’s great, but…

It bothers me that he drinks too much; I know he’ll eventually stop.


It bothers me that he doesn’t like my friends, but he’ll learn to like them.

You will never be able to change someone, EVER. They have to want to change.  No matter how pretty you are, or how successful you are, or how much you think he needs you, you can’t change him. You can’t force a good relationship. 

If it’s meant to be, it will.  Relax.  You want to be with a person that compliments you and flatters you in all your fabulous ways. Try not to force relationships, just enjoy yourself. Remember, you want a keeper.  

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