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Originally published on 12-16-10

Some fabulous bonuses came out of my last break up.  Favorite life bonus, hands down, was finally having good friendships!

Ladies who knew me before the age of 25, (Jenny), know I wasn’t exactly what you would call a good girlfriend.  In fact, I was pretty inadequate.  Not to say that I was entirely selfish, however, my priorities were: school, family, work, and oh yes, the man in my life at any given time.  I had always thought, and in true Celestine Prophecy style, resided that I was just the kind of girl that didn’t have girlfriends.

Well, the truth is that I never placed any importance on friendships with ladies, until the last few years, when I need someone to lean on.  Once I added “be a good girlfriend” to my list of goals, I had a direction in which to move. Like anything worthwhile, friendships take work, time, and effort.  You feed the relationship, and if it’s a worthy one, it will feed you back.

Over the past few years I have been lucky enough to have found girlfriends who nurture me in a way that builds my sense of self.  They are kind, intelligent, witty, and in the best way possible, fiercely protective.  My girlfriends are invaluable.

If you’re lucky, your girlfriends will be there to: listen to your insecurities one by one -- and then one by one tell you why you are wrong-- and that you are fabulous, to support you in your latest venture, to fill your life with love and laughter, to let you know when you’re gettingto big for your britches, to tell you what you NEED to hear and NOT what you WANT to hear,  and to prop you up into the next chapter of your life.

I encourage you to continually, and consistently foster relationships with your girlfriends.  Those relationships will enrich your life; they are one of life’s bonuses and true, bona fide blessings.  

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Passionate Relationship

Passionate Relationship

Rescue dog Rescued me

Rescue dog Rescued me