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Snack ideas for kiddos (for mamas in a rut!) No worries, we got you!

Snack ideas for kiddos (for mamas in a rut!) No worries, we got you!

A few days ago I asked for help on my Facebook page, or as we say in Panama (en el F-AY-SS), and my mama friends came through!! What’s new?

I was 100% percent out of healthy snack ideas and only giving my girls oatmeal bars (the. most. boring.) and so I needed a fresh set of ideas. I’m so grateful to the mamas who took a few minutes to help us in our plight.

In case you’re stuck in a rut and also giving your kiddos the same snack everyday. Here are some great ideas! Sourced from mamas all over the Americas.


Let’s keep those kids well fed, well rested and growing stronger, smarter and healthier everyday. Thank you to all the mamas who chimed in!!!


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