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I Hear You!!!

I Hear You!!!

Originally published 2-27-13

For the past 96 hours I have been rollin’ real slow, so slow I may near a complete stop.

On Sunday morning I woke up at 5 am, uttering these not so romantic words to my wonder of man boyfriend, “Oh shit, oh fuck, oh shit. Honey, I need your help!” I was totally static, unable to sit up because my back was so tight and jacked up. My back said, “Good morning foe, today you will do what I say, because this nonsense you’ve been putting me through is not working.”

For the past few years I haven’t exactly been easy on my body. I work two jobs, commute between Austin and McAllen once or twice a month , choose challenging physical goals, go overboard on tortilla chips and Coke Zero, and the worst of it is I don’t put a lot of value on sleep and or rest.

I come from the school of, “I can control how much I sleep. Who cares if I’m really tired? No problem, I’ll just muscle through it.” So for most of my life I’ve dictated the following to my body, “We’re going for a ride, keep up.” I tend to burn the candle at both ends. Can a candle have more than two ends? If it can, I usually burn that one too.  

Since Sunday I’ve been singing an entirely different song.

Sunday albeit very painful was kind of nice. At 9am I cried in the parking lot of CVS because the train tracks we drove over were too much to handle. So then we cancelled church, brunch and hours later when I still wasn’t feeling any better I called in sick to work. (That marks the second time I’ve called into work in all my time, the first was when I had bronchitis and tonsillitis simultaneously) I was laid up in bed the entire day.

My Sunday went something like this, Bengay hot patches—please not the generic ones, hot water bottle, roll to the left—roll to the right, move the pillow—not that pillow, is that me snoring? Honey can you help push me up? I ended up eating 2 of 3 meals in bed. I also ended up being cared for and tended to in the best and most attentive way, there’s nothing like being loved. The next day I went to get a massage and asked, “Will this be gone by tomorrow? I need to start training for a marathon!”  With total disbelief the masseuse replied “Not a chance, maybe in a few weeks, months even.” I feel like RG III but I want to feel like Adrian Peterson. I need to produce! Doesn’t my body know this?  Yesterday I missed two highway exits because I couldn’t turn fast enough to check my blind spot, so I took the scenic route to Central Market. Even as I’m typing this taking too deep of a breath hurts so badly.

I guess we can’t go around beating up our bodies expecting to get the most out of them. And, I guess my body has bigger fish to fry than making sure I have enough energy to make it through an all-night dance party.

I heard this notion one time that, getting sick is your body’s way of telling you to slow down. When you get sick or injured your body is telling you to pay attention and change the course. Speed bumps are there for a reason.

Ok, ok!! I’m listening, I’m listening! Uncle!

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