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Rescue dog Rescued me

Rescue dog Rescued me

Originally published 12-4-10

Six years ago this month, a rescue dog was gifted to me.  He arrived to me at 35 pounds and was guaranteed not to grow to be any larger than 45 pounds.  It was certainly NOT love at first sight. I had puppy postpartum.  I didn’t have the time or the money to be caring for a $17.00 at cost, rescue dog. 

My life went from: me, graduate school, and work to…me, graduate school, work, AND Beau Jackson.  He was a full time commitment.  Slowly, I realized that this dog was entirely dependent on me. ME!

I’m not exactly sure when the switch happened from reluctant care taker to gushing with love mama, but it did.

In the last six years with Beau, I have experienced 2,190 days of walks (rain or shine), 2,190 days of poop patrol, have served 4,000+ meals, paid for some very expensive leg surgeries, wipeda few thousand pair of eye boogers without flinching, and I am all the better for it.  I have also experienced 2,190 days of tail wagging, 2,190 cuddle sessions and countless proper face lickings.

I have cared for this, eventually 100lbs dog (a far cry from the promised 45lbs!) , nurtured him and consistently made decisions based on his best interest.

Beau taught m how to love unselfishly.  He was my first experience at loving something more than I loved myself.  He was a game changer.

I’d like to have him around forever, but I know I won’t.  When he dies, I will be undoubtedly be devastated, but, I will also be peaceful, knowing that I left NOTHING unsaid or undone.

He has given me the best he has to offer and I hope he knows that I have done the same.

Here’s to never leaving things unsaid or undone, and loving as much and as fully we possibly can. 

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