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Thank You

Thank You

Originally published on 11-27-13


As Thanksgiving winks its eye at us from around the corner, and as we finish cleaning our houses and tiding our messes in anticipation of our welcoming our friends and family, we are all reminded that this is the season of thanks.

I wanted to squeeze in a moment to make sure you know that I am filled with thanks for you.

It’s because of your support and interactions that I have inched closer to the woman I want to be.

You have shown me that fellowship makes us stronger.  Individually we are like single pieces of reed, strong but presented with some limitations. However when we come together, when we are woven together, when our stories and hearts support one another, we become stronger and are able to carry more.  Our sum is greater than our parts.

I give you thanks from the bottom of my heart for walking with me for three (now 6!) years. You, although you may not know it, have helped heal me. Your arms have been welcoming in my most livid moments and in my most joyous moments. When I read my posts from three years ago I can’t help but thank you for being so gracious. When I started I thought I my writing was half way to Elizabeth Gilbert but I was more like half way to a high school essay! Thank you for letting me into your hearts and allowing me to be so open and raw. Thank you for appreciating the unvarnished me.

Know that there is something in each of you that motivates me to keep reaching.

My prayer is that the good Lord continues to bless us all and that our spirits be open enough to recognize it.

Feliz dia de Gracias!

Huge bear hugs, Catia

First comes love, then comes changes

First comes love, then comes changes

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