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Two Hens In a Hen House

Two Hens In a Hen House

Originally published on 3-3-11

I was 23 and part of a team of managers who were responsible for running a 9 million a year restaurant.

All I had ever known was to set a goal and work towards accomplishing it, it was my modus operandi. Except for that my success formula didn’t always take emotional intelligence and human relations into account. 

I worked with a team of about 50 people nightly and although I thought my level of empathy and sensitivity was decent, one night I got a rude awakening that a “decent” level of sensitivity was just not going to cut it.

There was a young lady who was a hostess, ( on top of thinking I knew it all anyway, I REALLY thought I knew it all since I had also been a hostess a few years before), and we constantly locked horns,  until one day when I called her into the manager’s office. She had flubbed something (that in hindsight was inconsequential at best), that I wanted to be perfect, and I thought, “This is it…I’m taking her down.”

I can’t even remember what I said, but I’m positive it and I was incredibly cold, uptight and insensitive, enough so that she handed in her 2 weeks notice.  The 2 weeks notice made me stop in my tracks. “I was so rude to her that she no longer wanted to see me or work with me?”

It was a shocking wake up call and a game changer.

I sincerely apologized, which was promptly followed with her telling me not to take myself so seriously and to take the stick out of my ass, and she stayed on as part of our restaurant team. I was proud of her for standing up to me, and proud of myself for swallowing my pride and recognizing that I was so uptight, serious, and really… a big bitch.


Happy endings do exist!  We still stay in touch and visit whenever we get the chance. 

That was a really huge turning point in my life. I may have continued on for years not realizing how uptight and unpleasant I really was.  Thank you, Carrie.

Try not to take yourself so seriously; life’s just more fun that way!!

“Drop the idea that you are Atlas carrying the world on your shoulders. The world would go on even without you. Don't take yourself so seriously.” - Norman Vincent Peale

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