Nice to meet you!

I am a TEDx speaker, author and confidence cultivator with a heart for teaching women how to walk through life with confidence and joy. I am a proud wife and mama of two amazing daughters. (If I do say so myself!)

And even though I was a writer before becoming a mama – entering into motherhood rocket launched me into my purpose – championing women and reminding them of their innate worth.

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I spend my days packing snacks, having kitchen dance parties and trying to leave my corner of the world better than when I found it.

My life is a constant cycle of learning and teaching. I love to learn (sometimes the easy way – but most times the hard way) and then take that knowledge and find a way to serve others.

I teach teams how to cultivate confidence, and deliver inspirational and applicable message to university students, high school students, women's groups, book clubs, and church groups.

My latest book, The Courage to Become: Stories of Hope for Navigating Love, Marriage and Motherhood is my gift to women.

 I had a tough time going through the seasons of love, marriage and motherhood. I was confused and scared and basically going through an identity crisis!

So I wrote a book to share my story – but mostly to give women hope that others have been where they are standing – and they can not only survive these seasons, but they can thrive.

Guys – the book has reached far and wide into hearts and homes across the US – and it is humbling and exciting!

When I’m not writing, you can find me doing Tough Mudders with my brothers, taking my favorite dance class, and eating vanilla cake!