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TRUST | Week 49 | Confidence Revolution

TRUST | Week 49 | Confidence Revolution

Has life thrown you any curve balls lately? ME TOO!

And one day I’ll tell you all about it – but for now – I want to say – things (poop, the unexpected, the frustrating, the devastating) happen – to all of us.

And I wish I could tell you that doing “the work,” making progress on your inner self will exempt you from pain and challenges – but it won’t. But what it does do is give you tools you need to make it through each day – and not only SURVIVE – but enjoy the experience.

And guys, ENJOYING it is what it’s ALL about.

This year you have learned how to:

Not react

find peace

choose good relationships

listen to your voice

be proud of who you are

shake off the haters

love more deeply.


how to enjoy life more.

You now know how to see things through!  And if you don’t have the exact tool – you know how to learn and stretch – and that’s all you ever really to know – HOW TO LEARN.

But from time to time – you’ll feel crazy, in over your head. And in those moments, I encourage you to TRUST and to sink into your faith more – to not run away from it – but to hold on tighter – KNOWING that God will bring you through.

This knowing, this trusting – is not easy – it requires both diligence and patience. And who wants to be patient?! I know….

But I have found that when I’ve done my best, and stay in my faith, AND stay in my own integrity (which means continuing to make decisions I feel good about) - that even if there is pain and inconvenience and suffering and maybe even all out disaster – I ALWAYS end up stronger, more connected and more of the woman I wanted to be.

TRUST in yourself. You are capable. You are strong. You are plenty.  


TRUST in God. God is capable. God is strong. God is plenty. 

love and grace to you! 

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