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Jealousy | Week 20 | Confidence Revolution

Jealousy | Week 20 | Confidence Revolution

I am Mexican and Mexicans are jealous and fiery, which is hysterical and entertaining, until it's not.

Growing up I saw jealousy glamorized. Hollywood (poor Hollywood) told me that "real" men and women fight for their significant other. Hollywood told me it was normal to be dramatic. Hollywood told me that there are winners and losers. 
But it wasn't until I was older that I realized that Hollywood was in the business of selling,not in the business of healthy relationships. "Oh."

THEN, I started the work of undoing decades of unhealthy habit building. (I may be working for quite a while!) 

Whenever I feel jealous, blood rushes to my head and I try to figure out a way to control things and then when I realize I can't control things I get crazier. Everyone hold on! I hold my breath and almost internally combust. But then after I've had some time to come down I realize, ... I'm not angry, I'm scared. 

I never feel jealous when I feel good about myself - I only feel jealous when I feel like I don't measure up.  I only feel jealous when I'm afraid something or someone I love will like/love something or someone else more. And that's a terrible way to feel. 

Sometimes we feel jealous in our romantic relationships, or in places of work, or in our friendship circles. Sometimes we feel jealous of the "new person." And sometimes we are jealous of people who don't even know we exist. (awkward) If we let it, jealousy can creep into all sorts of areas. So, let's guard against it. 

Let's boldly trust that:
1) We are lovable and valuable. 
2) We have a lot to offer. 
3) We are not replaceable. 

Let's know that when we operate from a place of fear, the universe constricts and so do our throats and hearts. When we're fearful it's even hard to get in a full breath.

But when we operate from a place of love and security the world around us transforms into one of abundance, and who is scared when things are abundant? Not me! 
There's plenty out there for you and plenty out there for me. 

love and grace, catia

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