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Dancing Dahlia | Claim Your Space in the Sun

  • McAllen United States (map)

"Dahlia is a wonder woman's essence for grounding, empowerment, strength, a healthy sense of self, and igniting the will into positive manifestation. The Dahlia brings a healthy egoic attitude toward the self: positive self-worth, valuing self, and one's relative strengths without being blind to one's weaknesses a lessons yet to learn. Dahlias stimulate insight into the human condition and the aspects of modern life that create images of limitation, as well as stimulates the will to rise up!"

On April 13th, I'll be leading an intimate workshop, Dancing Dahlia: Claim your space in the sun, where I'll be teaching all things self-worth and confidence.

We will work through struggles and I will teach and give you actionable tools to feel good about who you are.

I have struggled with low self-esteem, I know what it's like to be walking around with the tapes of self-doubt playing through your head. It doesn't have to be this way.

You can feel good and joyful about who you are and about your life! You are a wonder woman and you deserve to claim your space in the sun.

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All ticket sales will be donated to Help One Now.

Catia's goal is to fund a classroom for an entire year in Haiti.

$3,000 funds ONE classroom for ONE year!
This support includes: Teacher SALARIES (65%), Teacher TRAINING (7%), Classroom SUPPLIES (8%), and ADMINISTRATION (20%).


If you cannot attend the workshop but would like to donate, please click here: