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We are packing our bags and moving to....

We are packing our bags and moving to....

Guys, we have 3 weeks left in Austin. I can't even believe it. 

The place that is OURS, the place where Beau and I earned our stripes and ran 6 miles to the park...before my work shifts!  


The place where I met my husband and married him under an oak tree.


The place where I prayed for my baby girls, and brought them into the world. The place that has endless tacos and football. We are saying goodbye. 


As a family, we have been on quite a ride since 2012. Guapo and I met and dated and married. We had pregnancy scares (health of our oldest), we went through IVF (so hard), we moved houses 3 times, said goodbye to our beloved Mischa, and had career roller coasters. We have lived a lot of life in 6 years - and we are ready to push pause. 


As a family we decided to take some time and get off the hamster wheel of life, to sell and giveaway our stuff, pack our bags - and find some quiet to time to be with each other. 

May 5th is our last day in Austin, and a few weeks later we are moving to Panama!!!!! 

I don't have a lot of answers. How long will you be there? What will you DO? All we are really focused on is regrouping as a mama, papa and two young girls. Just being with each other, taking some time to adventure and really be intentional about our time together. 

Society says that now is the time for me to strike while the iron is hot. This career of mine is just getting up off the floor. Books are selling, I'm getting paid speaking gigs, I'm doing a TEDx talk in a few weeks for crying out loud! (Super fun and amazing). But I am just going to stop - and live and let the land lie fallow. I trust that God will make use of this time and will make use of me and my gifts on the other side of this. 

I moved to Austin in the fall of 2001 as a freshman in college, and have lived here on and off, but mostly on. 17 years! Holy cow. 

I'm one of those people who says "It wasn't like this when I was in college...." ha! 

I am excited about slowing down and BEING with my family.

I will miss Austin, and maybe we'll come back, but maybe we'll find a new place to plant roots and enjoy this little life of ours. 

Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

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