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I Am Not Your Guru | Week 46 | Confidence Revolution

I Am Not Your Guru | Week 46 | Confidence Revolution

Have you ever dated someone you knew was NOT THE ONE? Me too.

Remember that feeling of KNOWING YOU HAD TO DO SOMETHING, CHANGE SOMETHING, but not having the courage to rip the band aid off? Me too.

And have you noticed that that same awkward feeling comes back when you know you’re in situations you shouldn’t be in?

For some of us, the knowing manifests as a queasy feeling, for others anxiety, for others teeth grinding, for others overeating and for others, busyness. Our truth always comes out – somehow. Our minds and bodies and spirits KNOW – we have to make a change, or else.

The other day I watched, I am Not Your Guru, a film that gives the viewer an inside look on Tony Robbins and his life changing seminars.

During the seminar they focused on a lady who was having trouble in her romantic relationship and over a series of questions, Tony determined that the man she was dating was NOT THE ONE, and suggested she break up with him.
He challenged her to call and break up with him – right then and there – in front of everybody. And she did.

It was incredibly awkward to watch.

Later when asked why he urged her to do it in that very moment he said, “Most people think change happens over time, but change happens in a moment.”

He went on to explain that in order for someone to “take the leap” or “make the shift” their mind, bodies and spirits ALL have to have reach this magic THRESHOLD. And once they are all “there” it is of utmost importance that the person take advantage of the moment – because if too much time passes – the energies start to diffuse and fall further and further from threshold level.

That’s why most people think change takes time, because their energy levels flirt with “the threshold” and then diffuse, and flirt and diffuse, and they are on that continual cycle until finally (if ever) the person decides to change.

The magic is knowing when all systems have reached the threshold, and taking ACTION right at that moment.

Yet, each of us have different thresholds for how much pain we need to be in to finally make ‘the change.’ Whether the change is finishing something, starting something or changing something.  

So the next time you feel like you need to -- make a change, start a blog, end a relationship, start a relationship, declare your love, change your circle of friends, eat better, stop drinking – whatever it is that is nagging you, that is looming over your head – the next time you feel fired up – know that that sense of being fired up will fade and take advantage of that moment when your mind, body and spirit are saying NOW.

Don’t suppress your feelings, make those changes, don’t waste any time.

I know you can do it, but will you?

love and grace, catia

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