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Team Duncan | Week 31 | Confidence Revolution

Team Duncan | Week 31 | Confidence Revolution

Just a few months ago Tim Duncan retired and I read almost every article about his farewell. Without fail, everyone from Coach Pop to David Robinson to Dirk Nowitzki – they all sang Mr. Duncan’s praises about being a leader mostly by being the greatest team player they had ever seen.

Every article detailed how this 5 Time NBA Champion was always prepared, and how he always performed his best, and how ‘the team’ was his top priority.

“You don't see Timmy beating his chest as if he was the first human being to dunk the basketball, as a lot of people do these days. He's not pointing to the sky. He's not glamming to the cameras. He just plays, and we've seen it for so long it's become almost mundane. But it's so special that it has to be remembered.” Coach Pop continued by saying, “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Timmy.” And my guess is, neither would the Spurs -- as we’ve come to know them.

Over his career, Tim Duncan devoted himself so much to the sake of “team” that not only did he earn some accolades along the way, but he improved the lives of his coaches and his teammates. He kept his head down and contributed, year after year after year. And like the best leaders do, Timmy didn’t leave a group of men who won’t be able to survive without him, he left them strong and able to stand on their own.

A few weeks ago our church Pastor, Pastor Clark, preached a sermon and he said, the recipe for insignificance is only worrying about ourselves. He taught us that if we want to feel worthy and like we matter, we have to give of ourselves.

So let's ask .... where are we giving? 
What teams are we on?
Who counts on you and me?
Where are we leading by example?
Whose life are we making better by contributing our gifts?

Where can we find a team? 

Certainly our family can be a team, but so can our best girlfriends, so can our workout class and so can our theater group.

But maybe, just maybe, you're looking to feel like you matter MORE, and maybe you have room for one more team.

Is it in the realm of possibilities that you can start volunteering once a week or once a month at your local Boys and Girl Club, or local YMCA, or local library, or local hospital?

I know we’re all busy, and we certainly don’t HAVE TO volunteer. But how would we feel if we did? How would we feel if we lived such poured out lives that we bettered the lives of those around us? How AMAZING would we feel if we left those around us, strong and able to stand on their own? Pretty damn good, I'm guessing. 

AND for those of you out there who are doing it, who are giving ALL you've got, I know you're out there, and I salute you. The world is a better place with you in it. Thank you. 

love and grace, catia

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