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2018. A Lot Happened.

2018. A Lot Happened.

I have never taken time to reflect about the previous year, and I don’t think I have ever been intentional about the upcoming year. I always just keep going.

But something was different this year.

I wanted to sit down and reflect. What did I actually DO in 2018? I didn’t want the time to slip away without the acknowledging of moments. Because as I get older, moments get so much more important to me. Do they get more important to you too?

Over the last few days I’ve thought about all that happened in 2018. It started with construction paper and a crayon. And then I took some time to write down my intentions for 2019. Standard issue for a lot of people, but it’s my first crack at it!

This list is so personal that it may not resonate with you. BUT - you have your own list of life happenings. Things that you leaped for and reached. Moments that brought you heartache. Moments you wish you could do over, moments you want to hold in your heart forever.

I sat down and looked at my cell phone pictures over the last year - so this list is long and yet truncated.

There are so many things not on this list that I value deeply.

When Luciana started to “say” grace before meals, when Guapo and I worked our way through some heavy moments, when Alexandra started to sing her way through the days and her ad-lib lyrics were, “You have the power of creation,” when Beau came to me in my dreams.

I lived a lot of life in 2018, and this is my way of acknowledging it.

2018 Happened


  • Joined Noonday Collection, tried it — was terrible, left Noonday Collection ( blog on that later.)



  • Celebrated Luciana’s 1 year birthday



  • Locked keys in car, the girls and I thanked someone for helping us by sharing a Popsicle.

  • Got to see Rob Bell with best friend Sarah

  • Moxie Matters Tour with Mom



  • Used a fancy mic for the first time


  • Easter with Beau Jackson


  • Said goodbye to Austin

  • Said goodbye to Beau Jackson

  • Applied for TEDx, Created a TEDx talk, gave a TEDx talk

  • Silent Meditation retreat with Dr. Shefali Tsabary

  • First Spanish TV spot for The Courage to Become - in Spanish!

  • Sent 1,000,000 Courage to Become packages to Oprah , heard nothing back.

  • Upped my Zoloft, tapered off of Zoloft

  • Purged material things

  • Largest keynote to date, 200 women


  • Gave first donated event as an author/speaker – benefiting CASA in Austin

  • First speaking event in a church, on an alter!

  • Visited Iowa

  • Lived with Mom and Dad for 6 weeks

  • Moved to Panama


  • Climbed a mountain – La India Dormida

  • Celebrated 35th birthday with new friends, now good friends

  • Meditated

  • Made friends with the Ocean

  • Went ATVing on a mountain with Comads

  • Explored Panama City

  • Visited Contadora Island 2x

  • Celebrated Alexandra’s 4th birthday


  • Hosted family in Panama


  • Celebrated 5th wedding anniversary


  • Settled family into a new community

  • Applied for a new job as a fitness instructor

  • Got Zumba Strong certified

  • Created a community of friends


  • Saw a live starfish

  • Worked with my family

  • Let go of needing to know

  • Therapy  - progress

  • Raised my vibe

  • Let go of trauma

  • Started Jiu Jitsu


  • Earned first jiu jitsu stripe

  • Thought about going to Colombia, took family trip to Colombia


  • Learned more about non-toxic living – have a cleaner house

  • Shined a light on 16 women through The Courage to Become Feature Series

  • Spread awareness about sexual assault and post-partum depression

  • Started personal training

  • Dropped more into my center

  • Started to learn about treating my liver well.

How’s that for a sexy ending? Treating my liver well! ha! Listen, as I age, my health becomes more important and I know it’s all a process — A LONG process - and I’m okay with that, because I’m here for it all.

Taking the time to reflect was fulfilling in a way I did not expect. Some of my own take-aways were:

Wow, that’s a lot of life lived. That’s a lot of change. That was A LOT. I am very fortunate. I am busy. I am exploring. I am moving forward. I am living well. I am in the flow.

Do you take time to reflect on the previous year? What have you learned? What are some things that are on your 2019 action list?

Whatever may be on your list. Know you are loved and powerful and that I am rooting for you. You deserve to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.


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