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Why Food Tastes Better When Made with Love | Week 4

Why Food Tastes Better When Made with Love | Week 4


Here we go. 

Last week we discussed how our emotions can contribute to our frequencies. This week I am going to give you another way to raise your frequency. 

Eat more wholesome, fresher food. 

Reminder - our focus is not to lose weight. Our focus is to feed our body what it needs to feel good. Don't you want to feel good? Me too! 

This a summary from 5 High Frequency – Vibrational Food Groups For Health And Increased Consciousness

We are far, far more than just tissue, fluid and bone. We are energy, prana, chi or qi. We are energetic beings, and some of us just happen to operate at a higher energetic, vibrational, state than the rest. What enables one to operate at a higher vibrational state depends on many factors. Things like creativity, sun exposure, motion, fun, games, eating high-frequency foods, gratitude, and love all possess a very high vibrational state. The more of this that makes up one’s life, the higher vibrational state he or she will operate at. Youthfulness, health, wellbeing, vitality, and consciousness* is the reward. To the degree that the above factors are absent from one’s life is to the degree that youthfulness, health, wellbeing, vitality, and consciousness will also be absent. 

For this post, I will only be focusing on High Frequency – Vibrational Foods (HFF’s). High-Frequency Foods are those left in their native state, unprocessed, with no chemicals or genetic modifications.  HFF’s are also grown in abundant sunlight and in nutrient dense soil. A perfect example is a pineapple, which is one of the highest of all HFF’s. It’s grown in volcanic soil, on the highest mountains (Hawaii) in the world, with unimpeded sunlight.

Preparation of High-Frequency Foods is just as important as quality when consuming HFF’s. A meal prepared with love and gratitude not only tastes better it resonates with a higher energy level. A verbal or silent prayer, or giving of thanks, reflecting love and gratitude for the HHF meal you are about to eat, will increase the energy in you and around you even further.

By merely changing your diet to include more HFF’s your consciousness and health will improve. When this occurs you begin to feel and see the difference, within and around you. 

High Frequency (best) -> Low Frequency (worst)

  • Just picked -> fresh -> frozen -> pasteurized, homogenized or processed -> artificial 
  • Raw (alive) -> steamed -> boiled -> microwave (beyond dead)
  • Biodynamically farmed -> organically farmed -> conventionally farmed, non GMO-> GMO

Organic vs. Non-Organic

Yes, organic food costs more than non-organic food, but it’s worth it! Organic food , especially that grown by conscientious farmers practicing biodynamic principles or at least good stewardship of the land, are better yet. These will be the foods with the highest vibrational energy.

If organic food is not available or if you find it too expensive, then at least avoid the so-called “dirty dozen.” These 12 have been proven to contain the highest levels agricultural chemicals: apples, celery, cucumbers, grapes, leafy greens, nectarines, peaches, peppers (bell and hot), potatoes, strawberries, and tomatoes. My recommendation is to completely avoid them or buy them organically grown.

Food does taste better when it's made with love, and now we know why. 

Just amazing. 

Wishing you well!!! -catia 

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